Lectures & Talks

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11 April 2024, Maynooth University: ‘On constructing and writing a national history today: the case of Serbia’,
followed by comments from Robert Gerwarth and Siniša Malešević

7 March 2024, University College London, SSEES: A Concise History of Serbia, book launch and discussion,
with Dejan Djokić (the author), Bojan Aleksov, Cathie Carmichael, Jasna Dragović-Soso, Vesna Goldsworthy, details TBC

2 June 2023, Humboldt University of Berlin: Book discussion: A Concise History of Serbia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023)
Speakers: Professor Dejan Djokić, author, and Professor John Connelly. Convener: Professor Hannes Grandits, Berliner Forschungskolloquium Südosteuropa and Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft, [ link ]

11 May 2023, Bundsezentrale fuer politische Bildung, Berlin: How to write a national history in a global and transnational age?
Historian Dejan Djokić, author of 'A Concise History of Serbia' (Cambridge, 2023) in conversation with writer Vesna Goldsworthy, [ link ]

28 April 2023, Arhiv Srba u Hrvatskoj and journal 'Tragovi'
Zagreb: 'A Concise History of Serbia' book launch, Professor Dejan Djokić, author, in conversation with Professor Dejan Jović, editor of 'Tragovi' [ link ]

26 Jan 2023, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich: Book launch: A Concise History of Serbia
Professor Dejan Djokić, the book author, in conversation with Professor Marie-Janine Calic, [ link ]

28 May 2021, Leipzig Book Fair, 30th anniversary of the break-up of the USSR and Yugoslavia panel, LiteraturHaus Leipzig/German Federal Civic Education Forum
Panelists: Prof. Dejan Djokić and Professor Serhii Pklokhy (Harvard), moderator Professor Gwendolyn Sasse (Berlin/Oxford)

2021: 'Tito's Last Soldiers: Towards a Collective (Auto-)Biography of the 1991 War in Slovenia'
Paper at the South-East Europe colloquium, Humboldt University of Berlin

2021: 'South-East Asian/European Encounters through the Lens: An Image of the 1961 Belgrade Conference of Non-aligned Countries'
Paper at Memorial Symposium for Prof. Nobuhiro Shiba, Tokyo Josai International University

2021: 'Ten Days That Shook the World and Ended Yugoslavia: Revisiting the 1991 Slovenian War Through Soldiers’ Memories’
Oberseminar/Historisches Seminar, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

2021: 'Reading Images of Non-Aligned Diplomacy: Tito, Sukarno and the 1961 Belgrade Conference Reframed'
Paper at 'Diplomacy between Crisis and Cooperation: Fourth Conference of the New Diplomatic History Network', Aarhus University, Denmark

2020: 'Interwar Politics and the Destruction of Yugoslavia'
Paper prepared for 'Jasenovac Past and Present: History and Memory of Institutional Destruction' conference, Uppsala University, Sweden. Event postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2019: ‘From Corfu to Paris, via Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana: How Yugoslavia emerged, 1917-21’
Invited lecture, University of Kobe (Japan)

2019: ‘"This three-named people of ours, one and united": Revisiting the Yugoslav kingdom a hundred years later'
Invited lecture, Tokyo Josai International University

2018: ‘Yugoslavia, a century later: Why did Serbs, Croats and Slovenes form a union in 1918?’
Public endowed lecture, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York

2018: ‘Vek Jugoslavije: Kako i zašto su se ujedinili Južni Sloveni?'
Keynote lecture presented at a conference to mark the centenary of the creation of Yugoslavia, Arhiv Srba u Hrvatskoj, Zagreb, Croatia

2018: ‘Authoritarianism in interwar Yugoslavia and modern Serbia: how similar are they?’
Paper presented at a conference on authoritarianism in 20C Europe, Center Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts & Imre Kertész Kolleg, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena

2018: ‘Brotherhood post-unity? Tito’s last soldiers and the dissolution of Yugoslavia’
Paper at the 'Global Yugoslavia' conference, co-sponsored by Past & Present journal and Goldsmiths

2018: ‘Driving around the Blocs: Tito, Sukarno and the 1961 Belgrade Conference’
Paper at ‘Reading Diplomatic Images’ workshop 2, Yale-National University of Singapore, Singapore

2017: 'Which way to the past? On problematics of constructing a history of Serbia'
Public lecture, Humboldt University of Berlin

2017: 'Imag(in)ing Yugoslav-South-East Asian diplomatic relations'
Paper at ‘Reading Diplomatic Images’ workshop 1, Yale-National University of Singapore, Singapore

2017: ‘Revisiting Europe’s Debatable Lands: Hubert Butler and Yugoslavia’
Talk at 'Hubert Butler and the Balkans’, convener and co-panellist with Roy Foster (Oxford) and Vesna Goldsworthy (Exeter/UEA)

2016: 'Could 1916 be seen as a turning point in the emergence of the Yugoslav state?'
Paper at 'Reforms in a time of War: On the centenary of 1916' conference, European University, St Petersburg

2015: 'Mitrinović, Young Bosnia and Yugoslav Agitation in the Era of the Great War'
Keynote lecture at 'The Eleventh Hour: Dimitrije Mitrinović and his Network' conference, University of Bradford

2015: 'On continuities between two Yugoslavias'
Talk at 'What does the name Yugoslavia mean today? Anti-Fascism, Self-Management and Non-Alignment' conference, Birkbeck, University of London

2015: 'Writing history of Serbia: Challenges and opportunities'
Paper at the South-East Europe colloquium, Humboldt University of Berlin

2014: 'Writing a history of Serbia today'
Paper at Modern European History seminar, Oxford University

2014: 'How Serbia went to war in 1914'
Paper at 'The Long Global Crisis c. 1912 -1922' conference, European University Institute, Florence

2014: 'Nations and parliaments in the Yugoslav lands, 1848-1948'
Paper at 'Parliaments and Minorities: Ethnicities, Nations and Religions in Europe, 1848-1948' conference, The British Academy

2014: 'How to Write a History of Serbia Today. Methodological and other (post-Yugoslav) Challenges'
Talk at Department of History and Civilization colloquium, European University Institute, Florence

2011: 'The Long Road through Balkan History'
Talk following the screening of a documentary film of the same title, London School of Economics

2011: 'Serbia: The History behind the Name'
Talk at a public discussion about Stevan K. Pavlowitch's book of the same title, Embassy of Serbia, London

2011: ‘Djilas as a Historian and as a Source’
Talk at ‘Conversations about Djilas’ half-day conference; other speakers: Prof S Bose (LSE), Dr J Dragović-Soso (Goldsmiths), Prof V Goldsworthy (Kingston), Prof SK Pavlowitch (Southampton)

2011: 'Milovan Djilas and the British Left'
Talk at a public event to mark the centenary of Djilas' birth, Dom omladine, Belgrade

2011: ‘Mapping the Nation in New Europe: The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919-1920’
Talk to mark the publication of my second monograph. Discussant Prof Alan Sharp (Ulster)

2010: ‘Were the Seeds of Future Discord Sown in Paris?’, public talk, Reform Club, London
Public talk about the legacy of the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920), Reform Club, London

2010: 'Citizens under surveillance: Hungary and Eastern Europe in the era of state socialism'
Talk and Q&A with audience following the screening of 'Spy in a One Horse Town' (dir. Gabor Zsigmond Papp, Hungary, 2009), London International Documentary Festival, Cine Lumiere, London