Press & Media

2023: Srbija više nije niti jednopartijska država. Vučić je u međuvremenu marginalizirao i vlastitu stranku
An interview with Jutarnji List (Zagreb).

2023: Srpski nacionalizam je iznenađujuće konfuzan
An interview with Portal Novosti (Zagreb).

2023: A Concise History of Serbia
New Books Network podcast.

2023: How to Write the History of Serbia at the Crossroads of the National, the Regional and the Global
Cambridge UP blog about Dejan's latest book.

2022: RNT podcast Episode 18
Raymond Nicolet Trust podcast.

2022: Intervju Dejan Đokić: Srpska nacija nije homogena kategorija
An interview with Novi Magazin (Belgrade).

2022: Radio Študent (Ljubljana): Historical background and contemporary implications of the Russia-Ukraine war
An extended interview with a popular Slovenian youth/student radio station on the historical background of the war in Ukraine and its implications for wider Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

2022: The Telegraph: Professor Stevan Pavlowitch, leading historian of the Balkans who eschewed partisan narratives – obituary
Dejan Djokić's obituary to Stevan K. Pavlowitch, emeritus professor of Balkan history at Southampton University and a world-leading authority on South-Eastern Europe.

2021: BBC History Extra podcast: 'Yugoslavia: the beginning of the end'
In conversation with Rob Attar, Dejan Djokic explores, as a historian and a participant, the 1991 war that saw Slovenia secure independence and helped set in motion the bloody collapse of Yugoslavia.

2022: BBC News (Serbian): 'Srbija i Velika Britanija: Ko je bio istoričar Stevan K. Pavlović - kosmopolita i džentlmen srpskog porekla'
Obituary to historian Stevan K. Pavlowitch.

2019: BBC Radio 4, ‘The History of the Treaty of Versailles – in Five Future Wars: Yugoslavia’
I feature as one of two historians (alongside Margaret MacMillan) in this programme produced by Bridget Kendall.

2020: BBC News (Serbian) 'Milovan Djilas: "Crnogorac, Srbin i Jugosloven koji po značaju prevazilazi jugoslovenske okvire"'
Feature article about Milovan Djilas, Yugoslav communist revolutionary, writer and dissident. Re-published in major daily papers/portals in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia.

2016: Arte TV (France, Germany), 'Yugoslavia, the other side of the looking glass', 2-part documentary
I feature as one of several leading experts on Yugoslav history and politics in this Arte TV production which has been repeatedly broadcast on French and German TV.

2015: BBC Radio 3, 'Music in the Great War: Gavrilo Princip's Footprint'
Discussion with Maria Margaronis about the ideology of the Young Bosnians and the legacy of the 1914 Sarajevo assassination.

2015: 'Serbischer Sonderweg in der Flüchtlingskrise', Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Op-ed on the 'Migrant crisis' and the Balkan route published in the Swiss newspaper of record, in Jan Plamper's German translation.

2015: Serbian State TV Channel 2 (RTS 2), 'Titova soba tajni: Milovan Djilas'
I feature as one of several historians/experts in this three-part documentary on Milovan Djilas, Yugoslav communist revolutionary, writer and dissident.

2014: 'Among Serbian historians, the view that Germany is to blame for the war seems to be dominant'
BBC History Magazine, August 2014.

2013: BBC Radio 4, Last Word
Interview, the death of Jovanka Broz, President Tito's widow, first broadcast 25 Oct 2013.

2010: Srbi i Hrvati uskoro će opet biti zajedno
Interview on the future of the relationship between Croatia and Serbia, Globus (Zagreb)